NHS Price List

Below are the prices of NHS treatment in our dental practices. Please note that these prices may vary depending on the treatment you receive.

Dental treatment/ service


Examination (basic – extensive)

from £7.22 to £22.70

One x-ray


Two x-rays


Scale and polish


Amalgam filling

from £7.71 to £19.84

White filling (mainly front teeth only with Health Service)

from £15.12 to £38.40

Root filling molar


Root filling premolar

from £48.71 to £56.48

Root filling incisor or canine


White crown on front tooth

from £76.93 to £114.66

Metal crown on back tooth

from £76.93 to £102.84

Simple extraction

from £7.13 to £43.02

Surgical extraction

from £19.84 to £49.15

Full upper and lower denture


One full denture


One partial denture

from £61.50 to £96.94

Denture repair