Cregagh Road

Our Cregagh Road practice, established by Clive Downing, has been serving the local community for over 60 years. Since it opened it’s doors in the 1960s, it has changed ownership a few times, from Colin Petherick to Paul and Hilary Blundell in 1991, who are still practicing here, before it was acquired by Clear Dental in 2020.

We believe that everyone has the right to good dental health care and that is why we have always offered, and continue to offer, the essential NHS treatments.

As modern dentistry has evolved, so too has the amount of support needed to run a practice smoothly and safely. We’re passionate about patient safety and are delighted to have a great team behind us. We continue to learn the best techniques that allow us to makes smiles work better, and when appropriate will make you aware of any of the latest innovations that are not available on the NHS. 


  • Paul Blundell 62246
  • Hilary Blundell 62178
  • John Houston 192101


  • Sarah McInerney GDC 294004
  • Chloe Chapman GDC 276325
  • Danielle Johnston GDC 227756
  • Nadine Jamison (Trainee Dental Nurse)


  • Heather Boyce